Development in detail, development to the point

We look back on a long history of development and design. Today we have made it our mission to offer the highest level of expertise in development and production quality.

Our strength is specialization: from optimizing existing products to developing new ones.

Development and production is carried out using the most modern CAD systems, but it is also just as important for us to ensure optimal cost-effectiveness.

Permanent investments in fully automatic production systems with the latest control technology and the corresponding manufacturing know-how guarantee the production of high-quality series and individual products.

Delivery is on time. This is guaranteed by a computer-controlled merchandise management system with short order throughput times to optimize order logistics and material flow.

• Conventional curve-controlled lathes
• State-of-the-art CNC Swiss-type lathes
• Switch plate machines
• Kurzdreher
• Single and multi-spindle machines
• Post-processing centers for milling, drilling, screwing